Kids want summer camp!

June 4, 2020

We will do our best to be the first out there with all the latest information.
Here is a list of US camps that are reopening as well as schedules of available programs.

Day of opening
Day or night camp
Alabama (AL) 05/23/2020 Day and overnight
Arkansas (AR) 06/01/2020
Day and overnight
California (CA) 06/01/2020 Day
Connecticut (CT)
Florida (FL) 06/01/2020
Day and overnight
Georgia (GA) 06/01/2020
Day and overnight
Missouri (MO) 06/01/2020
Day and overnight
Nevada (NV) 07/01/2020 Day
New Jersey (NJ) 07/01/20
Day and overnight
New York (NY) 29/06/2020 Day
Ohio (OH) 06/06/2020 Day
Oregon (OR) 06/01/2020 Day
Pennsylvania (PA) 06/01/20 Day
Rhode Island (RI) 6/29/2020 Day
Tennessee (TN) 06/01/2020
Day and overnight
Texas (TX) 06/01/2020
Day and overnight

All states will allow summer camps to open, as long as they pledge to implement new safety
measures due to the coronavirus.
“We want our children to be able to enjoy their summer with
friends, participating in the activities that create lifelong
NJ Gov. Phil Murphy
said. “We know day camp is one
of those memory-building places.” And we totally agree with
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