Sports Kids Should Engage in at Summer Camp

September 28, 2021

One of the best features of summer camps is that they allow kids to engage in a wide variety of sports. Some summer camps are dedicated to a particular kind of game, helping kids excel and learn from experienced players. If you’re wondering what kind of sports kids should play at summer camps, here are some excellent picks:


While many call it a beautiful game, soccer can turn into a battle of pace, wit, and physicality within no time. Running around the field for 2 halves is physically taxing, not just on the legs but the entire body. Those looking for great exercise can rely on soccer to help them shed some fat while providing an incredible amount of entertainment.

Balancing the ball between your feet, judging where the striker will shoot, and what the next play will be, all require fast decision making skills. This engaging game require you to be physically and mentally fit.


The way a game of basketball can turn from pass based, almost somber to aggressive, diverging into a solo run and follow through is almost poetic. Getting the ball across the court requires teamwork, especially with all the defending opponents around you. Clear coordination is key, along with muscle memory to nail that three pointer every single time.

To get good at basketball, kids will need to put in the hours for exercise to maintain great fitness, agility, and flexibility. The results translate into real world experiences as well.


Many people underestimate how intense tennis can be. While the players don’t run across large fields, making quick adjustments and moves at such short intervals is extremely taxing. Not to mention hitting powerful serves right afterwards, while also keeping a track of their opponents and how to one-up them each and every single time.

It’s a battle of brains and brawns, which requires great physical fitness and a sharp mind, paired with great flexibility and reaction time.

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