Safety in summer sports camps

June 1, 2021

Who among us does not worry about the safety of their child, when he or she is not near us? Every day we tell them how to cross the road, teach them not to contact strangers, not to pet street animals, etc. Any sport (well, perhaps except chess) carries with it the possibility of injury and in this article we want to delve a little more into the issues of safety in sports, including in Summer Sports camps. We will also tell you how the camp administration ensures safety during the spread of the coronavirus period.

In the case of training with a coach, a large share of responsibility for the physical training and safety of the student is borne by him. A good coach is a qualified, competent specialist who knows how to achieve certain results without harming human health. Your task as a parent is simply to provide the child with the necessary uniform and in some sports even individual equipment (for example, tennis or golf), the rest of the work will be done by the coaching staff of the camp. Experienced athletes know the safety precautions during training, the importance of warm-ups and properly selected sportswear. For different sports, the clothing will be different, but one condition will be important in any case - it is convenient and the right size.

If your child has been playing sports recently, the coach will first of all teach him to avoid injuries and the likelihood of injuring someone else. And warming up will become a daily practice even outside of sports camp - it's something that should become a habit and it will only be better if the morning exercise becomes another family ritual and you will take part in it.

In children's sports camps working employees with a sufficient level of knowledge in first aid. Many trainers have certificates of completion of the courses, which confirm their qualifications in this matter.

The coach gives instructions on the training plan before each lesson, so that each of the children knows what awaits them today. In most camps, it is welcome when some parents watch the course of the lesson, it motivates the Kid and makes him or her feel that the closest people believe in him. Since last year, due to coronavirus restrictions in some camps, the possibility of monitoring the training has become impossible, but half still provide such a chance.

In 2021, the risk of an increase in the incidence of COVID-19 has become significantly lower than in 2020, and many camps have opened their doors to students. Every person who works with children understands the level of high responsibility that they bear. For this reason, on the eve of each term, camp staff are tested for the presence or absence of coronavirus infection. It remains mandatory to have sanitizers in the common rooms, as well as their sanitary treatment in between classes.. Camp administrations have reduced the number of children in groups to no more than 10. This is an absolute plus in classes, because each child will receive twice as much attention and individual approach. If possible, groups of children will not change their places of stay, and if earlier they could have several coaches during the day, now a certain adult is assigned to each group. Due to the spread of COVID-19, in 2021, many (but not all) camps refused to provide lunch for children, so you will need to collect a lunch box. You can learn more about whether the camp provides lunch or not when choosing a program on our website.