How to Hone Your Child’s Inner Artist

November 4, 2021

Art is one of the most beneficial tools that can aid your child’s growth and development from a young age. This explains why it forms the basis of the kindergarten curriculum in so many schools and elementary learning centers.

Art can help improve your child’s motor skills and creativity and also facilitate cognitive development. This is why art summer camps are wildly popular around the world. You can also use art as a means to connect with your child and bond with them at home.

Here are all the ways you can hone and promote your child’s artistic instincts.

Give Them Artistic Freedom—Literally

Art knows no boundaries, especially when kids are involved. We’re not suggesting that you let your child draw on the couch, fridge, and every wall in the house, but do allow them a little freedom.

For instance, you could let them use the walls in their own bedroom or playroom or perhaps the garage or the driveway. Let their imagination run wild and let them follow their instincts. Art is meant to be about creativity and exploration—don’t restrict it with meaningless rules.

Moreover, make sure they have all the art supplies they need and be their partner in crime every once in a while!

Give Your Child Meaningful Feedback

Simple, straightforward comments like “Wow, so nice,” or “how colorful!” isn’t enough. They may make your child smile for a moment, but they don’t really provoke thought so they’re essentially useless.

Instead, when your child brings their artwork to you, discuss it. Ask them questions about it. You’ll be surprised to hear the answers and stories that have inspired those far from perfect strokes and scribbles.

And needless to say, don’t ever give a child negative feedback on their art. There’s no such thing as positive criticism either when it comes to art. It’s only meant to be appreciated.

Sign Them Up for Art Camp

Another thing you can do to hone and develop your child’s artistic abilities is to sign them up for art camps. There are lots of summer and winter camps these days that focus on arts and crafts.

When you start researching, you’ll find art camps for every age group and even ones for specific art skills. At these kid’s camps, your child will learn new art skills. Moreover, they’ll be able to learn from other children and will gain the confidence to share their art with other kids their age.

If you want to find art summer camps or day camps in Florida, you can check out the ones we’ve listed!