3 Reasons Kids Need to Play More Sports

November 11, 2021

As parents, we all want our kids to excel in academics. This is why we’re mostly completely fine with them spending their time indoors, and in front of their laptops and tablets.

For many kids nowadays, their ideal way to spend their free time is to switch from the homework tab to the video game tab on the same screen. And while one could argue that e-sports is also sports, it’s definitely no soccer camp.

Here are all the reasons why your kid should be indulging in more outdoor sports.

Improved Physical Health and Growth

Statistics show that a majority of children in the US do not spend as much time getting proper exercise as they should. This can lead to both short-term and long-term health concerns such as child obesity, heart concerns, and diabetes.

By playing outdoor sports, children can stay physically fit. Physical exertion also helps to regulate their diet and sleep patterns. It can also promote muscle growth and hone their motor skills as well as develop coordination, cognitive skills, and flexibility.

Development of Social Skills

This is one of the most major benefits of getting your children involved in sports. It’s a way for them to socialize with other kids who’re the same age and have the same interest. This can lead to many amazing things like: • It will build self-confidence and self-esteem; • They’ll feel like they belong; • Being part of a team will help them become friendlier and more cooperative; • They may develop leadership skills; • They’ll learn to express themselves in a confident but respectful manner; • They’ll learn the concepts of winning and losing and how to accept each with dignity; • It will inculcate a sense of healthy competition in them.

Lessons of Discipline and Time Management

Another thing sports can teach young minds is the importance of time management and discipline. Sports have a lot of rules and regulations that need to be followed in order to succeed.

The competitive streak in your child will develop naturally when they play sports and with time they’re going to want to excel. This in turn will lead them to identify and respect the rules set for the game.

These will be lifelong skills that will help them in other areas of life including academics. So if you’re looking for basketball or soccer camps in Florida, explore the kid’s sports camps section on our website.