3 Kinds of Winter Camps You Might Not Know Of

November 8, 2021

Summer camps are fairly common–we’ve all been to one and we’ve all sent our kids to a few too. On the other hand, winter camps do not typically enjoy the same level of mainstream popularity.

This is because most of the time, during winter holidays, we’re too caught up in the holiday festivities and some of us just go into hibernation mode. Moreover, a lot of sports camps are only operational during the warmer months.

But winter isn’t just about snow and Christmas. There are a lot of exciting winter camp programs around these days that you need to check out.

Baking & Cooking Camps

If comfort food had a birthday, it would be during the winters. Winters are largely about holidays, festivities, and food! From Christmas puddings to gingerbread, there are so many things you’d want to learn to bake and cook during the winters.

Luckily, besides our grandmother’s kitchens, we now also have baking and cooking camps that can teach us how to bake or cook the yummiest treats for winters. These camps have experts who teach everything from basics to pro tips! Plus, it’s the perfect time to practice and test out your cooking skills!

Santa’s Workshop Camps

These camps are perfect to keep kids busy during the winter holidays. As the name suggests, these camps are basically Christmas-themed and involve everything from arts and crafts to singing Christmas carols to learning how to bake the perfect gingerbread and learning and exploring everything related to Christmas and Santa!

Some of Santa’s workshop camps are also for adults where they can basically volunteer and be Santa’s helpers for the season. And the children can create gifts for their friends and family and learn how to decorate a Christmas tree! It’s the perfect way to teach kids more about Christmas and the family and community-building values surrounding it.

Winter Ski and Snowboarding Camps

Just like there are swimming and other outdoor summer camps during the summer, there are winter camps specifically focused on winter sports too, mainly skiing and snowboarding!

These are incredibly fun because they’re not just a learning experience, but you also just get to play around in the snow during these camps! A lot of these camps have special lessons by professional and famous snowboarders who may even inspire you to follow in their snowy steps!

If you want to find more winter camps for kids in Florida, surf through our categories. You’re sure to find something that aligns with your age and interests!

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